1. Walk in to the castle up to the well examine it (key found for wizards hut)

2. Walk inside to the lobby collect the key on the table (key found for stairwell)

3. Walk outside the castle proceed to the left of the castle go up to the wizards hut open the door the key is on top of the wizards chair stand on the chair the look down (key found for stables)

4. back to the castle go up to the stables see the wooden horse? the key is under it (key found for high ledge)

ok time to do the falling......into the catacombs to escape the catacombs find the baracade in one of the coradors crwal under it then head to the end with the door go through it then go left to the end of the corodor **dont go through the door!** this is the trick that makes u get lost easly insteed goto the left of the door kewl glad to be out! :)

5.go back to the wizards hut examine the rug on the floor fall into the cavern get the potion and the key is in the corner of the room (key found for king's solar)

6.ok now that you are at full strenth go back out side the castle head to the right this time go to the rock push it then go down the hole the key is in the box in the corner of the room (key found for tresure chest) goto the church drop down hehind the pupit the key is in the hole in the wall (key found for dragon's lair) goto the hot baths drain it by examineing the switch then drop down the hole the key is in a hard place stand on top of that blue divider thing all the way to the right look up to the top of the room see the key? make sure u are standing to get it.(key found for spirt's abode) go back to the courtyard drop down the well its in the box again (key found for guard room)

10. go onto the drawbridge stand on the edge look up and rock the switch u will be sling shot over the wall u land on top of the church look down (key found for junk room)

ok now that u have all the keys head to the junk room behind the peice of wood there is a door head down the passage into magister rock the spirt... now see that box thing on the wall? look out of reach doesnt it? well it isnt examine it its gone now :) now head to dragons lair (the top of the stairs be carefull on the stair path b4 the door look down to see the path ) see the dragon? i hope u have killed all spirts so far includeing the one in the courtyard (rock the castle flag look into the sky kill the spirt) shoot the dragon in the eyes,ears,teeth,mouth,head eventully he will die will take bout 20 rocks :) get the second box thing open the door by examineing the lock on the door YOU DID IT! :)

if u carnt see a spirt its useally on the floor (looks like a tissue) or on the roof (a black shadow) if not its an ugly looking orange thing with black eyes