Castle Master


Castle Master
 Castle Master

 Copyright: 1990 Incentive Softw, Domark and New Dim.Intl.

 Genre: 3D Adventure

 Multi-Player: No

 Number of Disks: 1 (dos)

 Minimum Requirements: ???

 Harddisk Installer: WHDLoad - Info
	Tested on	| Disk	| Harddisk
	Plain A1200	|   +	|    +
	Blizzard 1260	|   -	|    +						

Castle Master · Cheat Mode
Once you have started up the game press [SHIFT], [L] and [RIGHT MOUSE]
about 25 times, until you hear a noise. Look forward and you will see 4
coloured boxes. Shoot them for infinite lives, all ten keys, the ending,
rock travel.

Castle Master · General Playing Tips
The key on the chapel roof can be a swine to get hold of if you don't
know how to get up there. All you have to do is stand on the drawbridge
and close it. You will then be lifted up, making it a doddle to get
hold of the prize.

When trying to collect the pentacles in the caverns, fall down one of
the trap doors and kill the spirit. Collect the first pentacle then go
to the other caverns collecting the pentacles and killing the spirits.
This will make the going easier if you fall into a cavern, since you're
saved the hassle of tackling a spirit that catches you unawares.

To get inside the display chamber, crawl inside the granary chest and
close the lid. Access is then as easy as falling off a rather wobbly
chair perched precariously perched on the top of a table.

Collecting the pentacle in the junk room isn't as obvious as it seems.
When you enter the room, crouch down, walk over the first shelf and into
the wall and stand up. Now do a U-turn and walk forward to collect the

To move the big rock or open the pottery door, you need to have maximum
strength. If you haven't then fiund some food to top up your energy then
try again.

If you have the rock travel potion, you can get to the gymnasium either
from the Wizard's hut or from directly outside. If you're having trouble
finding the spirit in the dungeon, then try looking for something else
rather than the obvious. Still stuck?  Well try that rat-like animal at
the back of the room...

Now for the big baddy himself. To kill Magister, the evil owner of the
castle, wipe out all the other spirits first. Now go to his room and
blast him in the forehead to destroy him.

 1. Kitchen - on left of door as you enter.
 2. Igor's chamber - in chest.
 3. Vault Vestibule - on north wall.
 4. In stable - on horse, under it's chest.
 5. Hay barn - behind hay stack immediately to right of door.
 6. Well - at top of well shaft.
 7. Chapel roof - on chapel roof, get by standing on drawbridge and
    closing it.
 8. Shrine - on top of gold nugget. Get into shrine by activating
    book on far left of top shelf in library, then stand on chair
 9. Wizard's hut - on top of chair back, stand on table to reach.
10. Pentacle vault - north wall. Get all Pentacles.

 1. Bell tower - Pull rope until pentacle appears directly under bell
 2. Gatehouse - enter from left ledge, immediately on right of entrance.
 3. Dragon's hoard - on chest, get all treasure, pentacle appears,
    replacing lock.
 4. Junk room - crawl onto bottom shelf, go to the back, then stand up.
 5. Display room - enter from granary by climbing into chest then closing

- The rest of the pentacles are in catacomb caverns.

 1. I bid thee welcome stranger
    To Castle Master's realm:
    Thine own twinself in danger
    To fail or overwhelm

 2. Be foot loose and fancy free
    To weave thine way without gloss.

 3. When my face is drained
    I stare down open mouthed

 4. The place of the word of the lord
    must be understood.

 5. A needle in a sneezling stack
    Is silver within gold

 6. A louse crawls faster
    A mole crawls deeper
    But a worm crawls very well

 7. Enshrined above that which
    Is the goal of alchemy

 8. The pointed eye of Heaven
    Sees all once overlooked

 9. To stand on high ceremony
    First leap off hinge and bracket

10. Inside the blemish of the toes
    Within the heart
    Below the neck
    Above the gut

11. What ails or ales
    one thing is clear
    Spirits are not served here

12. With all spirits unemployed
    Magister maybe then destroyed

13. Would a sore throat from Greece
    Free an emperor from Rome
    When one is born every minute

14. The final guardian waits within
    Magister is his name
    But thou shalt not proceed to win
    Whilst spirits do remain

15. When feeling not sick
    Look to liquid assets

16. A well placed rock
    is all you need
    To make the drawbridge
    fall with speed

Entrances to Catacombs
 1. Well - crawl into well
 2. Hot baths - enter hot baths, empty entrance at bottom of pool
 3. Wizard's hut - under rug
 4. Under large rock - push rock after drinking strength potion
 5. Chapel - behind pulpit

- These lead to catabomb caverns where pentacles are located.
  Final entrance from NW tower.

 1. Strength potion - Inn, on table. Required to open pottery and move
    large rock.
 2. Rock travel - pottery, throw rock at door, and normally you will be
 3. Recuperation - under barrier in display chamber.

Notes and Hints
* There are 27 sprites including the dragon. These must be destroyed
  before the Magister can be killed.
* Maximum health is 12 weights (6 on each side) = Herculean
* To get onto chapel roof, stand on the drawbridge then close it.

Note: Don't do this until you have the key from the wizard's hut and have
      entered the catacombs from under the large rock, and then under the
      rug in the wizard's hut.

* Lifting weights in the gymnasium increases your health.
* Standing in hospital cures you up to normal health.
* The spirit in the courtyard will only appear when a rock is thrown at
  the flag.
* To enter the junk room, fire at the plate (on the left of the door),
  until it disappears, enabling the door to be opened.
* To kill the dragon, shoot eyes, teeth and horns, until they disappear.
* To kill the Magister, shoot at his head (not eyes).
* To confront the dragon, start on level 4 in the SW tower. Enter onto
  the ballroom balcony, there is a break next to the last door, drop
  down, and commence along the south passage.
* To find the Magister, go to the SE tower and press the button in the
  king's solar on level 4. Then reach across the second barrier in the
  corridor, and activate the crank. Go round to the south passage (the
  long way) and you will be able to enter the Magister's room.
* A final piece of treasure appears on the table in the wizard's hut
  after the key has been collected from the chapel roof. Use rock travel
  to transport yourself from window in the gymnasium to the wizard's hut,
  then collect treasure and transport back.